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Ocean Springs School District

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OSSD Leadership Team


Dr. Jennifer Pope
Interim Superintendent
Phone: (228) 875-7706
Photo of Dr. Christopher Williams
Dr. Christopher J. Williams, Sr.
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (228) 875-7707

Directors & Leadership Staff

Photo of Mary Gill
Mary Gill
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (228) 875-8239
Photo of Doyle Reid
Doyle Reid
Chief of Instructional Technology
Phone: (228) 875-6654
Photo of Tricia Cox
Dr. Tricia Cox
Director of Student Services
Phone: (228) 875-5782
Photo of Brooks McKay
Brooks McKay
Director of Operations
Phone: (228) 872-3604
Photo of Chris LeBatard
Chris LeBatard
Director of Child Nutrition
Phone: (228) 875-2880
Photo of Tonya Bolton
Tonya Bolton
Director of Federal Programs
Phone: (228) 875-7707
Joey Lee
Director of Human Resources
Phone: (228) 875-7706
Photo of Keith Carter
Keith Carter
Interim Director of Athletics
Phone: (228) 875-7703
Photo of Trey Brennan
Trey Brennan
Director of Communications
Phone: (228) 234-1457
Photo of Jessie Galloway
Jessie Galloway
Chief of Campus Police
Phone: (228) 861-0419
Photo of Dara Turner
Dara Turner
Executive Assistant
Phone: (228) 875-7706


Photo of Braxton Stowe
Braxton Stowe
Ocean Springs High School
Phone: (228) 875-0333
Photo of Melissa Arnold
Melissa Arnold
Ocean Springs Middle School
Phone: (228) 872-6210
Photo of Jenny Necaise
Dr. Jennifer Necaise
Ocean Springs Upper Elementary
Phone: (228) 875-4367
Photo of Hunter Andrews
Hunter Andrews
E.H. Keys AEC
Phone: (228) 872-0031
Dr. Stewart Smirthwaite
Interim Principal
Oak Park Elementary
Phone: (228) 875-5847
Photo of Alison Block
Alison Block
Magnolia Park Elementary
Phone: (228) 875-4263
Photo of Jacob Dykes
Dr. Jacob Dykes
Pecan Park Elementary
Phone: (228) 875-2851