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Apply to Use the OSSD Logo

OSSD Trademark & Intellectual Property Usage Request


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If approved, the company/organization is granted a nonexclusive right to display OSSD's trademark logos, name, and copyright symbols in the following contexts:
The logo, symbols, and company name may be used ONLY by the approved company/organization for ONLY the items/uses listed on the approved application.
If approved, the company/organization agrees to strictly abide by OSSD's guidelines for branding and styling which can be found in the OSSD Brand Guide. Violation of these guidelines is subject to revocation of OSSD trademarks/intellectual property.
The approved company/organization agrees not to use the logo, OSSD name, or copyright symbols in any way to indicate that it has any ownership or control of OSSD or its brands and products. The approved company/organization further agrees not to use the logo,  name, or copyright symbols in any way that would harm, diminish, or impair OSSD's sales, prospects, brand name, or reputation.
This agreement does not allow anyone to sublicense OSSD's trademark logos, name, and/or copyright symbols.
This agreement does not constitute an acquisition of a source trademark.
OSSD may require the removal of any and all references to its logo, name, and copyright symbols at any time, and may do so through email and/or formal letter. In such an event, the approved company/organization is obligated to remove all material no later than 30 days from the original request date.
  • All uses of the OSSD name and/or logo must adhere to the OSSD Branding Styleguide.
  • Do not alter, discolor, or modify the OSSD logos.
  • The interlocking “OS” and Greyhound are separate logos and shall not be combined.
For Questions or Information:
Trey Brennan
Director of Communications
Ocean Springs School District
Phone: (228) 234-1457

NOTE: Remember not to share with anyone, as the attached logos are the trademarked property of Ocean Springs School District. 

Terms of Agreement

What Happens Next?

OSSD will reach out to you to confirm approval or denial. Upon approval, OSSD will provide requested logos and style guidelines.

For businesses required to pay a fee per OSSD BOT Policy, logos may not be sent until payment is received.