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OSSD Logos & Branding

Brand Style Guide

Ocean Springs School District, with the help of thousands of dedicated staff members, teachers, faculty, administrators, and students, have worked tirelessly to ensure that OSSD remains the measuring stick for A-rated education.

Along with every great organization, comes a great brand and a positive image. We are extremely proud of our brand and the many accomplishments it took to get us here. Now, we need your help to ensure we stay on top.

We gladly welcome anyone who wants to use our logo, name, colors, and likeness, but do so in a respectable manner that does not detract from the OSSD name or reputation.

This guide serves as a set of guidelines and expectations to follow when creating any form of marketing communication for OSSD. The following directs how OSSD's brand should be presented to create a consistent, unified, and identifiable brand identity. Following these mandatory guidelines are important to maintaining the esteemed image & reputation that the Greyhounds, past and present, have worked so hard for. These rules apply to anyone using the OSSD name or logo, including OSSD-affiliated schools, clubs, teams, and personnel.

OSSD employees are more than welcome to use the OSSD logos for district-related events and instructional materials. You can request high-resolution copies of the logos from the Office of Communications, or by downloading them from the internal portal on our website. Any use of the logo for anything outside of school must be approved by the Office of Communications.

We thank you for supporting OSSD!

Approved "Interlocking OS" Logos

Primary Logo #1
Primary Logo #2
Primary Logo #3
Primary Logo #4

Approved Wordmark Logos

Primary Logo #5
Primary Logo #6
Wordmark logos

Approved Greyhound Logos

Unapproved Logos

Unapproved logos