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Vaishnavi "Nini" Mahyavanshi Named December Student of the Month

Vaishnavi "Nini" Mahyavanshi Named December Student of the Month

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (OSSD) -- Vaishnavi "Nini" Mahyavanshi of Oak Park Elementary has been named OSSD's December Student of the Month for her dedication to her school work and her outstanding manners and behavior towards her teachers and classmates at OPES.

"When I first met Nini, she was only 3 years old. At that time, her big brother, Aayush was in my kindergarten class. Nini would come to Oak Park often with her father to eat lunch with Aayush. My assistant, Mrs. Carnley, and I were always impressed with how well-behaved and well-mannered she was any time she was included in classroom activities. Even as a toddler, Nini’s positive characteristics shined!! Fast forward three years and you can imagine how excited we were to see Nini’s name on our kindergarten class list. Nini was always very caring and helpful to classmates and peers. She had a love for learning at such a young age and was eager to master and exceed the standards. Nini’s leadership comes naturally and continues to inspire us all! Nini and her family will always have a special place in my heart. It is my true honor to be a part of her life." - Mrs. Foreman, Kindergarten teacher

"Nini is the true definition of an upstanding citizen. She always shows respect to her peers as well as the many adults in her life. Nini spreads kindness and can always be counted on to cheer up all those around her. It was an honor to be Nini’s first grade teacher, and I am so proud of her!" - Mrs. Sumrall, 1st grade

"Nini is an exceptional student. She takes pride in everything she does and pushes herself to reach her fullest potential. She possesses the intrinsic motivation that is key to success, not only in academics but throughout life. Nini is also a wonderful person. She is humble, kind, considerate, compassionate, trustworthy, and respectful to classmates and teachers. I can not think of a more deserving student for this prestigious acknowledgment. Congratulations, Nini!" - Mrs. Streiff, 2nd grade

"Nini is an exceptional student. She excels in academics and is a positive student leader and model student to her peers. Nini is quick to help someone in need and is always striving to be her best self." - Mrs. Antonini, 3rd grade

"Nini is an outstanding student who everybody loves. She is very well-mannered and patient. She has excellent grades but remains humble. She has a wonderful personality and is a perfect role model for her peers. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her." - Mrs. Goff, 3rd grade

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