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Owen Schoenberger Named OSSD's February Student of the Month

Owen Schoenberger Named OSSD's February Student of the Month

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (OSSD) -- Owen Schoenberger of Magnolia Park was named OSSD's February Student of the Month! Read what Owen's teachers have to say about him below.

"Owen is a delightful student that is always polite."

"Owen is an all-around superstar at Magnolia Park. He is a perfect representation of a smart, kind, well-mannered, mature young man. In art, he always tries his best and encourages others to do the same. It is very rare to see a selfless act of his magnitude in such young students, which is why he is the perfect choice to represent the excellence of Magnolia Park Elementary."

"Owen is a role model student! He is always putting his best foot forward and sets positive examples for his peers. Owen is so smart! He participates in class and has great points that he adds to discussions. He is dependable, friendly, kind, and outgoing. He has a heart of gold for everyone around him and would do anything to help others in the class. I am so proud of Owen and the choices that he makes in our 3rd grade class!"

"Owen is a true definition of a leader. He is strong-willed but kind-hearted. He loves to take care of others. His classmates flock to him because of his outgoing personality and his fairness to include everyone. He’s super smart and he uses his knowledge to help others. He loves to offer his assistance when others are struggling. Owen is the total package…smart, friendly, and kind-hearted."

"Owen embodies what it means to be a Greyhound. He works hard inside and outside of school. He exhibits kindness to all students and offers his help whenever and wherever he can. Owen is an awesome example to others: he is safe, kind, helpful, and responsible. That is why he is my choice."

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