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OSSD Budget Process

In an effort to be transparent as possible about finances, OSSD has designed a budget process that involves many of its stakeholders.  We consider all requests from every school and department and are very intentional about prioritizing our funding around the needs of our students.  There are many steps taken within our budgeting process to ensure this.  2020-21 Budget Process Memo

FY 21 Budget Priorities Established by the Budget Committee

*Limit the use of fund balance as we plan and prepare for future district growth
*Increase certified staff local supplement
*Plan and prepare for future district growth
*Create multi-year investment plans for technology, operations and staffing
*Measure the rate of return both on academic and operational investments
Zero-Based Budgeting Implementation for FY21
FY21 will be the first year that OSSD uses zero-based budgeting.  This process starts from a "zero base" and every function within our district will be analyzed for its needs and costs.
**Please refer to this page for updates as our budget committee meets and makes decisions regarding the FY21 budget.
2020-21 Budget Process Memo
FY20 Budget Priorities
 *Minimize Fund Balance Usage
 *Develop a budget that aligns with actual expenditures and revenues
 *Ensure programs and departments are staffed and funded appropriately
FY 20 Major Projects
Addition of 6 teaching position Addition of 1 curriculum coordinator
Addition of 1 full-time nurse GPS Software for buses
Chromebooks for HS, CTE, and MS New band equipment for HS and MS
Textbooks for UE, MS and HS Technology Infrastructure Upgrade
HVAC project for MPE and MS Bus Lease Purchase (10 buses)
Monitored security systems on all buildings New Roof for UE gymnasium
Interactive devices and whiteboards Supplements for IDEA high needs teachers
Budget Components
Budget FY20
OSSD 5 YR Budget History
Budget Committee Members
Bonita Coleman Mary Gill
Christopher Williams Gayle Schultz
Mark Hubbard Catherine Melchi
Chris Lebatard Wade Vick
Joe Cloyd Brad Patano
First informational recording about our budget process that features Mary Gill, CFO and Dr. Bonita Coleman, Superintendent  of OSSD with a brief overview.