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Faculty and Staff Directory

Building(s) First Name Last Name Email Department
AE Rebecca Endt Faculty
AE Diana Geraghty Faculty
AE Suzanne Hawkins Faculty
AE Leigh A. LeMaire Faculty
AE Jonathan Partridge Faculty
AE Renee Rush Faculty
AE Robin Thomas Faculty
AE Matt Viglianco Faculty
AE Ashley Davis Staff
AE Lucinda J. Goff Staff
AE Elaine Galmore Staff
AE Robert K. Sidaway Staff
AE Daria Wiley Staff
CNUTR Tish Brown Staff
CNUTR Jon C. Schlautman Staff
CNUTR Dorretta Davis Staff
CNUTR Bobby Layton Staff
CNUTR Brenda S. Burnett StaffHS
CNUTR Penny K. Hill StaffHS
CNUTR Ella E. Knuth StaffHS
CNUTR Gail Shmidt StaffHS
CNUTR Stacy L. Hovatter StaffMS
CNUTR Tammy Hall StaffMS
CNUTR Carrol A. Quave StaffOP
CNUTR Kimberly A. Greenway StaffPP
CNUTR Faye Broussard StaffMP
CNUTR Cheryl Y. Bosarge StaffUE
CNUTR Linda G. Garner StaffUE
CNUTR Loretta Lynn Perkins-Waltman StaffUE
CO Brannon O'Banner Staff
CO Maria Beidelman Staff
CO Joanna Bosco Staff
CO Lorinza Brennan Staff
CO Katie M. Hughes Staff
CO Kelsey Keel Staff
CO Victoria Goff Asst
CO Brister Roberts Asst
CO Kenneth Burns Asst
CO David Daigle Asst
CO Cora Evans Asst
CO Terrance Evans Asst
CO Jamie Flowers Asst
CO Laurence Fontenelle Asst
CO Misty Hembree Asst
CO Phillip Herrington Asst
CO Deone Kebodeaux Asst
CO Stephanie King Asst
CO Angela Mackey Asst
CO Amanda McMurty Asst
CO Casey Porter Asst
CO Terri Pervito Asst
CO Rebekah Regan Asst
CO Jerry Schexnayder Asst
CO Sheba Smith Asst
CO Dannya Spradley Asst
CO Suzanne Agent Asst
CO Jennifer andrus Asst
CO Robert Ballard Asst
CO Kerri Dunton Asst
CO Katie Easterling Asst
CO Cheryl Fitzgerald Asst
CO Melanie Jodon Asst
CO Robert Kearns Asst
CO Tawonna Keeton Asst
CO Makayla McNease Asst
CO Ebony Smith Asst
CO Cody Tullos Asst
CO Jennifer West Asst
CO Jessica Whittington Asst
CO Robin Sikes Asst
CO Haley Jones Asst
CO CoCo Collins Staff
CO Lydia DeGeorge Staff
CO Valerie Gilbert Staff
CO Nancy Hayden Staff
CO Cheryl Jalanivich Staff
CO Susan Jarvis Staff
CO Kristen B. Kahle Staff
CO Betty Lassabe Staff
CO Gayle Manning Staff
CO Carol McDuffie Staff
CO Carolyn H. O'Banner Staff
CO Monique Rigdon Staff
CO Betty L. Williams Staff
CO Erika M. Allen Staff
CO Traci Barnett Staff
CO Kaylin Brennan Staff
CO Dawn Flavian Staff
CO Terri T. Hollomon Staff
CO Twanna James Staff
CO Bryanna Shaw Staff
CO Savannah Stein Staff
CO McCullum Charcelor C. Staff
CO Lori Cox Staff
CO Dyane Held Staff
CO Jeff LaFrance Staff
CO Alice Leguay Staff
CO Lana B. Martin Staff
CO Mary E. McClellan Staff
CO Melanie A. Martin Staff
CO Michelle H. Milton Staff
CO Megan D. Savell Staff
CO Patricia Seymour Staff
CO Lauren Smith Staff
CO Meagan L. Smith Staff
CO Stacey J. Todd Staff
CO Martha (Savage) Zipperer Staff
CO Kim Zwierzynski Staff
CTE Stephanie Allison Faculty
CTE Amanda Champagne Faculty
CTE Linda Conley Faculty
CTE Judy Dalgo Faculty
CTE Kathy Graham Faculty
CTE Grace Knochel Faculty
CTE Madeleine Kohler Faculty
CTE Ernie P. LeBatard Faculty
CTE Jacqueline Lewis Faculty
CTE Scott Nichols Faculty
CTE Benny Stansbury Faculty
CTE Laura Tapp Faculty
CTE Stacy Travis Faculty
CTE Julie Milanese Staff
CTE Ashlyn Tapp Staff
HS Tracy Drahos Asst
HS Hannah Mallette Asst
HS Katie Peters Staff
HS Debbie Sumrall Asst
HS Marilia Absher Faculty
HS Melissa W. Arnold Faculty
HS Katie N. Bailey Faculty
HS Rachel Beaugez Faculty
HS Kimberly Blackwell Faculty
HS Ashley Bowen Faculty
HS Kellye Bolar Faculty
HS Peggy Bradford Faculty
HS Jmaes Brennan Faculty
HS Joy Brown Faculty
HS Bryan Butler Faculty
HS Anita Carroll Faculty
HS Mandie Carter Faculty
HS Keith Carter Faculty
HS Kori Chavis Faculty
HS Patricia Coleman Faculty
HS Tracy Conerly Faculty
HS Sharlee Cook Faculty
HS Donna Dedeaux Faculty
HS Julia Drake Faculty
HS Nell Driggers Faculty
HS Angela Dudte Faculty
HS Heather Edwards Faculty
HS Renee Edwards Faculty
HS Brooke Engle Faculty
HS Jessica Fletcher Faculty
HS Lisa Floore Faculty
HS Jennifer Fortenberry Faculty
HS Gina Freeland Faculty
HS Jeff French Faculty
HS Randy Frierson Faculty
HS Gretchen Gifford Faculty
HS Angele Giveans-Mills Faculty
HS Jessica Gollott Faculty
HS Lesley Grafe Faculty
HS Susannah Gregg Faculty
HS Kim Hagan Faculty
HS Christina Halat Faculty
HS Deborah Hardy Faculty
HS Teresa Harris Faculty
HS Lamenda Hase Faculty
HS Scott L. Hawkins Faculty
HS Charlotte Hayes Faculty
HS Patrick Hayes Faculty
HS Cullen Hawkins Faculty
HS Melissa Hirsch Faculty
HS Tess Holden Faculty
HS Brian K. Holliman Faculty
HS Delaney Howell Faculty
HS Jessica Hust Faculty
HS Lori Jacobs Faculty
HS Pat Jarvis Faculty
HS Sharon D. Jay Faculty
HS Margaret Marie Joachim Faculty
HS Ryan Joiner Faculty
HS Bryan J. Jones Faculty
HS Morgan Kennedy Faculty
HS Steven Kershaw Faculty
HS Marlo Kuhn Faculty
HS Rymsky Labat Faculty
HS Carrie LaBatte Faculty
HS Michael Lacoste Faculty
HS Natalie Lancaster Faculty
HS Jonathan Lawler Faculty
HS Jean Leonard Faculty
HS Scott Lesley Faculty
HS Maria Amaya Lopez Faculty
HS Doug Lucas Faculty
HS Shantell Maniscalco Faculty
HS Kaypounyers Maye Faculty
HS Tracie McDaniel Faculty
HS George J. McKay Faculty
HS Misty N. McMahon Faculty
HS Jahir Medina Faculty
HS Allison Meleones Faculty
HS Jan Moore Faculty
HS Lori Nelson Faculty
HS Julianne M. Nettles Faculty
HS Matt Noblitt Faculty
HS Hilary Norwood Faculty
HS Lindsay O'Brien Faculty
HS Pamela S. Passarelli Faculty
HS Rosa Payne Faculty
HS Shannon Pearson Faculty
HS Nathan Pepper Faculty
HS Chris Permenter Faculty
HS Carolyn Price Faculty
HS Elizabeth Quave Faculty
HS Devyn Quinn Faculty
HS Patrick Quinnelly Faculty
HS Brian Rea Faculty
HS Mason (Maci) Reynolds Faculty
HS Zachary Rigdon Faculty
HS Jeffrey C. Roberts Faculty
HS Steven R. Ross Faculty
HS Robin Rumery Faculty
HS Kristy D. Rutherford Faculty
HS Richard Sawyer Faculty
HS Mohamad Schuman, Jr. Faculty
HS Kevin Shira Faculty
HS LeAnn Simpkins Faculty
HS LaShonda Smith Faculty
HS Ty Smith Faculty
HS Joanne L. Stewart Faculty
HS Candy Stokes Faculty
HS Stacey Taylor Faculty
HS Shane Trosclair Faculty
HS Rebecca Tyndall Faculty
HS Dawn Varney Faculty
HS Sulemi Velasquez Faculty
HS Marisol Velazquez Faculty
HS Todd Waller Faculty
HS Cicely Wallis Faculty
HS Luc Wallis Faculty
HS Gerald T Whiddon Faculty
HS Lee Worsham Faculty
HS Mark Worsham Faculty
HS Sarah Yennie Faculty
HS Jim Zipperer Faculty
HS Steven Farragut Faculty
HS Ricky Lyle Faculty
HS Lynn Sepe Staff
HS Debbie Smith Staff
HS Beth Stone Staff
HS Cathy Thompson Staff
HS Nicole Wilder Staff
HS Kimberly Bower Staff
HS Jason Diaz Staff
HS Karen Gifford Staff
HS Sallie Noblin Staff
HS Julie Black Staff
HS Karen Catchot Staff
HS Patricia Grigsby Staff
HS Bucky B. Harris Staff
HS Michael Krebs Staff
HS Dianne Mattiace Staff
HS Kim Perry Staff
HS Ann Toche Staff
HS Sharon Travis Staff
HS Bridgett Vaughan Staff
HS Dawn Wilson Staff
MAINT Kristy Brewster Staff
MAINT Jay Brown Staff
MAINT Liz Buchanan Staff
MAINT John Cooper Staff
MAINT Mary E. Fountain Staff
MAINT Kerri Hinds Staff
MAINT Ron Holland Staff
MAINT John Jalanavich Staff
MAINT Granger James T. Staff
MAINT David Kisner Staff
MAINT David Noble Staff
MAINT Joseph Noble Staff
MAINT Lonnie J. Carroll Staff
MAINT John Rushing Staff
MAINT Jaon G. Sherman Staff
MAINT Bobby Styron Staff
MAINT Steven Walters Staff
MAINT Tim Weimer Staff
MAINT Robert Woods Staff
MAINT Daphne Betterton Staff-Bus
MAINT Jeri L. Boyd Staff-Bus
MAINT Grace Chapel Staff-Bus
MAINT Nancy Glass Staff-Bus
MAINT Perry Guice Staff-Bus
MAINT Preston Hughes Staff-Bus
MAINT Shonna L. Ladnier Staff-Bus
MAINT Delaina S. Milam Staff-Bus
MAINT Irvin Rocco Staff-Bus
MAINT David E. Wedgeworth Staff-Bus
MP Teresa Aasmo Asst
MP Melanie A. Allen Asst
MP Lisa N. Besancon Asst
MP Christopher A. Brown Asst
MP Stephanie Brown Asst
MP Marissa D. Busby Asst
MP Heather Chennault Asst
MP Isaiah Currie Asst
MP Muriel Davis Asst
MP Toccara Eaglin Asst
MP Teresa A. Edwards Asst
MP Brooke Epperly Asst
MP Tinal L. Frazier Asst
MP Natalie N. Galloway Asst
MP Dana Gillan Asst
MP Debra Gonzalez Asst
MP Sarah Johnson Asst
MP Veronica N. Jones Asst
MP Nina Jones Asst
MP Emily Latch Asst
MP Holly Lee Asst
MP Jason Lines Asst
MP Ashley Moran Asst
MP Christina Murphy Asst
MP Alisa Nungesser Asst
MP Stacy A. Reichel Asst
MP Deborah Rogers Asst
MP April Sabino Asst
MP Magan Trafton Asst
MP Angela Allen Faculty
MP Melissa Alvarez Faculty
MP Allyson Bass Faculty
MP Magan Brumble Faculty
MP Jennifer Budinich Faculty
MP Dorothy Carter Faculty
MP Kaitlin Z. Cates Faculty
MP Michelle Conley Faculty
MP Brittlyn Corzoli Faculty
MP Susanne A. Cronier Faculty
MP Amanda L. Cummings Faculty
MP Haven DuBose Faculty
MP Amanda L. Goodwin Faculty
MP Jennifer Guidry Faculty
MP Genny Halstead Faculty
MP Lynette Hansen Faculty
MP Jessica Harris Faculty
MP Kacey Higdon Faculty
MP Patti Hodges Faculty
MP Slade Jones Faculty
MP Ann M. Jones Faculty
MP Katie Kennedy Faculty
MP Michelle N. King Faculty
MP Angelica M. Klobe Faculty
MP Courtney Leslie Faculty
MP Dawn Lestrade Faculty
MP Sharon L. Liskow Faculty
MP Jeannette Oster Faculty
MP Sandra Manning Faculty
MP Ann McGraw Faculty
MP Becky Meadows Faculty
MP Sheri Meyer Faculty
MP Lauren Mitchell Faculty
MP Lynn Napier Faculty
MP Jacob Parker Faculty
MP Amanda Peace Faculty
MP Melody Phillips Faculty
MP Amanda Quave Faculty
MP Stacey Raftery Faculty
MP Angela Freeman Faculty
MP Jennifer Seymour Faculty
MP Julie Staudenmaier Faculty
MP Kari Stiefel Faculty
MP Kelly J. Stinson Faculty
MP Sandra Thames Faculty
MP Magen Trahan Faculty
MP Jay Twilbeck Faculty
MP Jacquelyne Warrick Faculty
MP Andrea Wells Faculty
MP Destine L. Skinner Faculty
MP Denise Wood Faculty
MP Dena Wright Faculty
MP Dana Firth Staff
MP Lisa Fortenberry Staff
MP June Gardner Staff
MP Therese Hanna Staff
MP bjackson Jacson Staff
MP Jason Lawson Staff
MP Megghan Purvis Staff
MP Donya M. Veale Staff
MP Robert Williams Staff
MS Nova Cross Asst
MS Bryan Giles Asst
MS Barbara Smith Asst
MS Beverly J. Williams Asst
MS Lindsey Lammers Asst
MS Brad Allen Faculty
MS Kangelia A. Bates Faculty
MS Ann Bishop Faculty
MS Blake Brown Faculty
MS Jane Campo Faculty
MS Mary Casto Faculty
MS Carolyn P. Clark Faculty
MS Natalie Colle Faculty
MS Lindsay Daley Faculty
MS Melissa (Jalanivich) Davis Faculty
MS Shelley DeGeorge Faculty
MS Suzanne Dudiak Faculty
MS Kevin Dudiak Faculty
MS Shawn Dunaway Faculty
MS Angela Emile Faculty
MS Lee Fletcher Faculty
MS Krista Gallaspy Faculty
MS Rene Gara Faculty
MS David Gregory Faculty
MS Lisa Greig Faculty
MS William Green Faculty
MS Deborah Harvey Faculty
MS Julie Holden Faculty
MS Reshena Holloway Faculty
MS Haley Hood Faculty
MS Elizabeth Jackson Faculty
MS Noreen Johnson Faculty
MS Shanta Jones Faculty
MS Brent Kendziorek Faculty
MS Ophelia Klutts Faculty
MS Kristen Kuhn Faculty
MS David Lapointe Faculty
MS Brittany Layton Faculty
MS Ryan Lott Faculty
MS Cindy Lowery Faculty
MS Rhondalyn McDaniel Faculty
MS Kimberly S. McGowin Faculty
MS Ashley McNair Faculty
MS Cathrine Melchi Faculty
MS Jacie Meyers Faculty
MS Margaret Morgan Faculty
MS Cody Morrow Faculty
MS Betty Jane (BJ) Murphree Faculty
MS Whitney S. Olier Faculty
MS Elizabeth Otthofer Faculty
MS Jaynie E. Payne Faculty
MS Jessica Pickard Faculty
MS Stacey Price Faculty
MS Juanita Prince Faculty
MS Leah Puzz Faculty
MS Roque Quezada Faculty
MS Brandy Rea Faculty
MS Kristen Reidy Faculty
MS Traci Rivers Faculty
MS Marty Saucier Faculty
MS Terri Schoemann Faculty
MS Erica Scott Faculty
MS Grace M. Selby Faculty
MS Michelle Seymour Faculty
MS Ricky Smith Faculty
MS Alexandra Smith Faculty
MS Jasper Smith Faculty
MS Kim Somers Faculty
MS Shannon Saucier Faculty
MS William St.Ledger Faculty
MS Sue Lynn Weldon Faculty
MS Bridgette Whiting Faculty
MS Rita Wilson Faculty
MS Dorothy Cannon Staff
MS Mary Lee Culberson Staff
MS Kristin Ford Staff
MS Jesse Galloway Staff
MS Jessica Haas Staff
MS Torrey Hargrove Staff
MS Billy Hunt Staff
MS Teresa Menhel Staff
MS Lindsey O. Morris Staff
MS Kelly Pitalo Staff
MS Brandy Prince Staff
MS Nathalie Shields Staff
MS Terry Tate Staff
OP Susan M. Allen Asst
OP Kristen Bates Asst
OP Regina Black Asst
OP Lori Briggs Asst
OP Jessica Capers Asst
OP Alicia L. Capps Asst
OP Ruby Carnley Asst
OP Robin A. Cooley Asst
OP Tabitha Epps Asst
OP Jodi N. Iser Asst
OP Ashley A. Jones Asst
OP Davin O. Lovett Asst
OP Michelle N. McArdle Asst
OP Kelly Ockman Asst
OP Britany R. Oliphant Asst
OP Melinda Proctor Asst
OP Leah Beth Cartwright Asst
OP Shawn Pyle Asst
OP Jennifer Ratcliff Asst
OP Leslie L. Roberts Asst
OP Kelley Rosetti Asst
OP Pauline Smith Asst
OP Lisa P. Utterback Asst
OP Lorie Vogelmeier Asst
OP Jessica D. Allen Faculty
OP Teresa A. Amacker Faculty
OP Meredith Blades Faculty
OP Shannon Butler Faculty
OP Jennifer Catchot Faculty
OP Deanna F. Caviness Faculty
OP Charlene Cherota Faculty
OP Kano K. Clark Faculty
OP Lori Cossitt Faculty
OP Laura Cronin Faculty
OP Jillian Davis Faculty
OP Jennifer Delancey Faculty
OP Maya Dudte Faculty
OP Brooke Dykes Faculty
OP Ellen Eaton Faculty
OP Delorse Eubanks Faculty
OP Pamela Everitt Faculty
OP Tori Fletcher Faculty
OP Kerry Foreman Faculty
OP Stacey Forsman Faculty
OP Katrina Godsey Faculty
OP Melanie Howell Faculty
OP Sara Johnston Faculty
OP Caroline Knight Faculty
OP Alyssa Kober Faculty
OP Bridgette Kuluz Faculty
OP Cheryl Latil Faculty
OP Julie Makamson Faculty
OP Richard Neal Faculty
OP Christen Nichols Faculty
OP Courtney Peltier Faculty
OP Melodie G. Roy Faculty
OP Donna Rutherford Faculty
OP Timothy Sayers Faculty
OP Jennifer Seitz Faculty
OP Wendy Streiff Faculty
OP Heather Sumrall Faculty
OP Ashley N. Tatham Faculty
OP Rebecca R. Thornton Faculty
OP Heather Tiblier Faculty
OP Melissa Vick Faculty
OP Jamela Wilburn Faculty
OP Beth M. Williams Faculty
OP Heather Wyatt Faculty
OP Buffy Ann Yuratich Faculty
OP Brenda Baumeister Staff
OP Clark Bearden Staff
OP Lara Jenkins Staff
OP Darlene Chavarria Staff
OP Crystal Cooper Staff
OP Jolene Schlautman Staff
OP Laura Smart Staff
OP Shanel Williams Staff
OP Sharon Zellner Staff
PP Lisa Baker Asst
PP Ana Maria Figueroa-Ras Asst
PP Rylee Cates Asst
PP Leslie Daniels Asst
PP Toni Ann Duvernay Asst
PP Michelle Frey Asst
PP Sandra Gaines Asst
PP Michelle Girouard Asst
PP Joanne Hart Asst
PP Jill S. Hernandez Asst
PP Lindsay Illich Asst
PP Shawn Kuhn Asst
PP Jane Layton Asst
PP Courtney R Livingston Asst
PP Alanna N Mejia Asst
PP Nicole Rosalia Asst
PP Brittany N. Schmidt Asst
PP Ashley C. Thurmon Asst
PP Courtney Wetzel Asst
PP Lindsey Armstrong Faculty
PP Rebekah Baugh Faculty
PP Tiersa Boney Faculty
PP Stephanie Box Faculty
PP April Croncich Faculty
PP Julie Cunningham Faculty
PP Kim Dahl Faculty
PP Amber Danos Faculty
PP Laura M. Dunaway Faculty
PP Ann Fallo Faculty
PP Fran Fremin Faculty
PP Ashley French Faculty
PP Heather D. Chapman Faculty
PP Kelly Geiser Faculty
PP Janet Giametta Faculty
PP Heather Golden Faculty
PP Tonianne P. Grafton Faculty
PP Elaine Greer Faculty
PP Sandra (Crapo) Hillburn Faculty
PP Cindy Hopper Faculty
PP Becky Hoppner Faculty
PP Courtney Hubbard Faculty
PP Heather Jackson Faculty
PP Kelly Kavanay Faculty
PP Christina Kittrell Faculty
PP Christy Lee Faculty
PP Chelsea Leenep Faculty
PP Mary Lentz Faculty
PP Kaila McDavid Faculty
PP Kelli McKay Faculty
PP Pamela Middleton Faculty
PP Amber Miller Faculty
PP David Mitchell Faculty
PP Tara Nelson Faculty
PP Keri Peresich Faculty
PP Summer M Pouncey Faculty
PP Laura Rester Faculty
PP Missy Saylor Faculty
PP Rose Spring Faculty
PP Patricia Trochessett Faculty
PP Gordon Waters Faculty
PP Bianca Williams Faculty
PP Denise Wilson Faculty
PP Carolynn R. Wood Faculty
PP Charlotte Brown Staff
PP Belinda LaFrance Staff
PP Christina Level Staff
PP Melissa S. Light Staff
PP Nylia Martin Staff
PP Tracy Reynolds Staff
UE Theresa Cavanaugh Asst
UE Cal P. Cossich Asst
UE Miranda Green Asst
UE Latracey Hughes Asst
UE Mary Ann Jamison Asst
UE Kendra S. Johnson Asst
UE Kelsey McGrevey Asst
UE Jason Quaregna Asst
UE Evadne M. Roberts Asst
UE Iris Saucier Asst
UE Taunya Smith Asst
UE Erika J. Sullivan Asst
UE Jennifer Wariner Asst
UE Stephanie White Asst
UE Sheila Vincent Asst
UE Kristina Alfonso Faculty
UE Ginger Anderson Faculty
UE Elizabeth K. Arnold Faculty
UE Karen G Baggett Faculty
UE Colleen Barr Faculty
UE Ashleigh Beck Faculty
UE Lexi Bodin Faculty
UE Deanne L. Bruno Faculty
UE Patti Butirich Faculty
UE Regina Cartwright Faculty
UE Ashley Chennault Faculty
UE Dawn Coleman Faculty
UE Angela Cook Faculty
UE Renee T. Dilorenzo Faculty
UE Tiffany Dobyns Faculty
UE Danin Drahos Faculty
UE Connie Eaves Faculty
UE Kristy Ehemann Faculty
UE Lamar Estis Faculty
UE John Felt Faculty
UE Roma Flowers Faculty
UE Donna Floyd Faculty
UE Julie Foster Faculty
UE Linda Foster Faculty
UE Sarah Gennarelli Faculty
UE Brooke Gibson Faculty
UE Brannon Glass Faculty
UE Susan Goley Faculty
UE Michelle Graham Faculty
UE Stephanie Griffin Faculty
UE Leanne Halford Faculty
UE Erin Hardt Faculty
UE Suzie Harvey Faculty
UE Kimberly Herbert Faculty
UE Christine Hennick Faculty
UE Jeanine Hunt Faculty
UE Christy Landrum Faculty
UE Jennifer LaPointe Faculty
UE Mandy Letort Faculty
UE Hester Manning Faculty
UE Jessica Mansfield Faculty
UE Rebecca Massengale Faculty
UE Vanessa McKee Faculty
UE April Mitchell Faculty
UE Andrea Monaghan Faculty
UE Linh Morales Faculty
UE Cynthia Z. Neff Faculty
UE Laura Noble Faculty
UE Karen Pais Faculty
UE Ashley Parker Faculty
UE M'Lissa Parker Faculty
UE Bobby Parrish Faculty
UE Kelly L. Pechawer Faculty
UE Mirander Permenter Faculty
UE Mona Perez Faculty
UE Denise M. Phillips Faculty
UE Paige Phillips Faculty
UE Stephanie Proctor Faculty
UE Zina Puzz Faculty
UE Alison Rawlins Faculty
UE Robyn Reeves Faculty
UE Dawn Rentrop Faculty
UE Jodi Rice Faculty
UE Sara Ridgeway Faculty
UE Leslie D. Roberson Faculty
UE Jeremy Robinson Faculty
UE Julie Rossi Faculty
UE Ashley Rundberg Faculty
UE Lori Rutland Faculty
UE Rebecca Sisco Faculty
UE Kelly Smith Faculty
UE Paige N. Smith Faculty
UE Terry Stebly Faculty
UE Whiteny Stevens Faculty
UE Tonya Stobridge Faculty
UE Mallory Strayham Faculty
UE Melissa Sundberg Faculty
UE Samantha Switzer Faculty
UE Krystal Tiblier Faculty
UE Wade Vick Faculty
UE Bernadette Vitale Faculty
UE LaLinda Waldrop Faculty
UE Karen West Faculty
UE Robyn Winders Faculty
UE Sheri Worley Faculty
UE Allison Yarrow Faculty
UE Margaret Young Faculty
UE Marattia Boggan Staff
UE Taylor Borries Staff
UE Kimberly Cook Staff
UE Samantha L. Cunningham Staff
UE Kevin Daniels Staff
UE Kellie Danise Staff
UE Charlotte A. Flynt Staff
UE Robin B. Grandonico Staff
UE Wendy Green Staff
UE Helen Hughes Staff
UE Marianne Hurt Staff
UE Andrea Jensen Staff
UE Laura Landry Staff
UE Turner Lauren Staff
UE Beth Taylor Staff
UE Ricky Ward Staff
UE Helen White Staff
UE Jon Wilson ueadm
CNUTR Gayle Schultz cnutr
CO Bonita Coleman admin
CO Jerry Twiggs admin
CO Christopher J. Williams admstaff
CO Mark Hubbard athletic
CO Mary T. Gill busoff
CO Grant H. Dickinson sped
HS Vickie J. Tiblier hsadm
HS Kelly Long hsadm
HS Jacob Dykes hsadm
HS Carla McCaleb hsadm
HS Justin Sutton hsadm
KT Tiffany Hodge ktadm
MAINT Brooks McKay maadm
CO Amy Armata costaff
MAINT Tim Weimer mastaff
MP Ann-Marie Porter mpfaculty
MP Alison Block mpadm
MS Aldo A. Moran msadm
MS Adelle Register msadm
MS Gina Alford msadm
UE Carol Viator ueadm
OP Jennifer Pope opfaculty
PP Sue Green ppadm
PP Christopher LeBatard ppadm
TECHDEPT Tina Folkers Staff
TECHDEPT Timmothy McKean Staff
TECHDEPT Jessica Dawson Staff
TECHDEPT Trey Brennan Staff
TECHDEPT Jacob Hampton Staff
TECHDEPT Shelly Carter Staff
TECHDEPT Carol Schneidmiller Staff
TECHDEPT Cindy Wilson Staff
TECHDEPT Haison Cao Staff
TECHDEPT Doyle Reid Staff
TECHDEPT Paul Alphonso Staff
UE Susan Dollar Admin
UE Mary L. Rodgers Admin
OP Joey Lee Admin