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School Board

The overarching goal of the Ocean Springs School Board is in guiding the education of the District’s children in a nurturing and safe environment. More specifically, the Board officially meets once a month; however, on an average the Board has a second, monthly meeting, i.e., either a work session or special called meeting in which it

• discusses issues in a systematic, objective, and transparent manner, respecting each others’ opinions, as well as those of faculty, staff, students, parents, and/or community members who come before the Board;
• develops district policy which complements state and national policies
• evaluates all pre-K through 12 programs and facilities;
• supports or rejects Consent and/or Action Items which are presented to the Board by the Central Office Administration;
• supports, rejects, or modifies Executive Session issues which may involve property, litigation, student matters, and/or personnel issues;
• monitors all operation of the school district in terms of programmatic progress in academics, the arts, and athletics;
• chooses, directs, and annually evaluates the superintendent;
• conducts annual Board evaluations with input from the District’s Building Principals and Central Office Administration;
• provides oversight in the planning and deployment of resources, both material and human;
• serves as a “bridge” between the District and the community, in reflecting the community’s education desires, in encouraging public involvement, and in promoting community understanding and support;
• serves as individual and/or collective ambassadors on behalf of the District to the Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium in making select, educational issues a priority with political officials at the local and state levels;
• ensures fiscal, legal, staff, and programmatic accountability;
• meets quarterly with the Advisory/Quality of Work Life representatives (approx. 18) from each campus and various employee groups;
• attends numerous, annual academic, art, and athletic events, as well as annual orientation, graduation, awards, and recognition ceremonies;
• inspects every District facility in two, separate, academic-year, “walk-throughs” for status of maintenance, safety, organization, and cleanliness;
• participates in a minimum of six hours of professional development programs at the local, state, or national levels;
• prepares letters of support and recommendation as needed for District personnel and/or programmatic recognition, as well as preparing letters to appropriate city, county, and state officials relative to school-related issues;
• retains Legal Counsel for the Board and the District; and
• serves as representative members on Annual Salary Review Committee and Athletic and/or Education Foundations.