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Ocean Springs School District Home of the Greyhounds


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Superintendents Office
Superintendent Dr. Bonita Coleman
P: 228-875-7706     F: 228-875-7708
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Christopher Williams
P: 228-875-7706     F: 228-875-7708
Central Office
Front Office Ms. Nancy Hayden
P: 228-875-7706     F: 228-875-1775
Chief Financial Officer Ms. Mary Gill
P: 228-875-8239     F:228-875-7708
Student Services Mr. Grant Dickinson
P: 228-875-5782     F: 228-872-2017
Human Resources Ms. Catherine Melchi
P: 228-875-7721      F: 228-875-1775
Office of Employment Ms. Maria Beidelman
P: 228-875-7721     F: 228-875-1775
Technology Department Ms. Cindy Wilson
P:  228-875-6654    F:  228-875-1779
Child Nutrition Ms. Gayle Schultz
P: 228-875-2880     F: 228-872-0013
Operations Mr. Brooks McKay
P: 228-872-3604     F: 228-872-5049
Chief of Police Chief Jessie Galloway
P:  228-875-1095    F: 228-872-5049
Transportation Mr. Scott Capers
P: 228-875-1095     F: 228-872-5049
Director of Athletics Mr. Mark Hubbard    
P: 228-875-7703     F: 228-875-7738
Attendance Officer/Home Schooling Mr. Eric Dotson
P: 228-818-6741     F: 228-875-7404
Ocean Springs High School Dr. Vickie Tiblier
P: 228-875-0333     F: 228-875-7404
Ocean Springs Middle School Dr. Carla McCaleb
P: 228-872-6210     F: 228-872-9850
Ocean Springs Upper Elementary Dr. Jennifer Necaise
P: 228-875-4367     F: 228-872-5048
Magnolia Park Elementary Ms. Alison Block
P: 228-875-4263     F: 228-872-0017     
Oak Park Elementary Dr. Jennifer Pope
P: 228-875-5847     F: 228-875-3496
Pecan Park Elementary Mr. Chris Lebatard
P: 228-875-2851     F: 228-875-0547
E H Keys Alternative Education Center Ms. Stephanie Allison
P: 228-872-0031      F: 228-872-5049