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OSHS Powerlifting

This coming season will be the Boys 9th season as a team and the Girls 5th season. Ocean Springs Powerlifters have not had a team State Championship, but have had 5 individual State Champions, 1 National Champion and many individual Top 3’s. Powerlifting requires a lot of work and practice time to perfect a one attempt lift 3 times, in 3 different types of lifts.


The Boys Powerlifting team competes only at a High School Varsity level.  The team competes against all other 6A teams in the State of Mississippi. The season starts in October with tryouts and practice (which we call training). Powerlifting competitions are called meets. There is usually one work meet or practice meet in January, Regionals in February, South State in March, and State Championships in April. When reaching regionals, only the top 3 in each weight class advance each time to the next level.


12 lifters make up a team. There are 12 weight classes in Boys Powerlifting. Those weight classes are 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, 275, 308, and 308+. On a team, there cannot be more than 2 lifters per weight class in all meets. The lifts performed at Powerlifting meets are Squat, Bench, and Dead Lift. The lifters get 3 attempts at each lift and must have 1 positive lift of the 3 to continue in meet, or they are disqualified. The lifters highest positive attempt in each lift is the one that is kept and added to their total. The best attempts, completed on all 3 lifts, are added together, and the lifter with the highest total wins. One small mistake like a foot moving while completing a lift can ruin an attempt and make it a negative.


The Girls Powerlifting team has a few differences then the boys. Girls Powerlifting in the state of Mississippi is broken into 3 classes rather than the 6 boy’s classifications. The 3 classes are Class I, Class II, and Class III. Class I is a combination of 1A and 2A schools, Class II is a combination of 3A and 4A schools, and Class III (which we are) is a combination of 5A and 6A schools. Girl’s weight classes are the only other difference, in that there are only 11 weight classes. Those weight classes are 97, 105, 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, and 220+.  


Wade Vick

Head Boys and Girls Powerlifting Coach