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Ocean Springs School District Home of the Greyhounds

Learn from Home

The Ocean Springs School District will be closed the remainder of the school year in response to COVID-19.   We are committed to the continual support of your child's learning during this time. The District has been working diligently to offer a number of ways to keep students engaged in learning while they are away from school.


The grade-specific and subject area activities listed below will not take the place of regular classroom instruction but will supplement student learning at home. Assignments will not be required or graded at this time. These activities are meant to provide optional learning opportunities for students during this time. In addition to these listed resources, we encourage all students in grades K-6 to complete at least 45 minutes of i-Ready time in both ELA and Math.


We will continue to be in communication with you in the coming days as we all work together to get through this crisis. Your continued support is appreciated.






  • Algebra
    • Desmos- Online exploration activities that the students can cycle through and refresh on different content strands. Each activity has a “class code” that students enter when signing in. Here are some favorite codes: CDTTXY, WCRKGD, 48647W, SGHHYB
    • Algebra Nation- Algebra videos. Section 2: Topic 3, Section 3: Topic 1, Section 4: Topic 2 and 9, Section 5: Topic 1, Section 6: Topic 1, and Section: 7, Topic 2
  • English II
  • US History

  • Biology
Looking to purchase a Chromebook?
From Cindy Wilson, Director of Technology
Any model will work just make sure to have at least 4GB of RAM. We have had good luck with HP and Dell for taking a beating! If you purchase Lenovo, don’t get the N22- (known keyboard issues). Also, there is an Auto Expiration policy in this link Make sure not to purchase one that will be the end of life soon.