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Ocean Springs School District Home of the Greyhounds


Emergency Response


Statistics consistently show that schools are among the safest places to be due to the strong commitment of educators, families, and our community to our students and schools. We strive to be proactive rather than reactive. This guide outlines the key elements of the Ocean Springs School District state of preparedness. We hope it will answer questions you have concerning our actions and intentions in the event of an emergency.


For consistency, we have developed the following terms to use:

  • Drill: An activity that covers a specific safety circumstance and is designed to prepare your student to act quickly and minimize questions and fears should an emergency take place. 
  • SRO: School Resource Officer; a uniformed, certified Ocean Springs School District Police Department officer assigned to schools to help build and maintain relationships between police, students, families, and employees. The school resource officer is armed and will use the necessary force to stop an intruder.
  • Shelter In Place: Instruction continues in a secure building. All occupants remain in the classroom/building. Movement within the building is at the building administrator’s discretion.
  • Lockdown: Occupants are kept in rooms or areas that are secured. There is no movement within the building. Lockdown procedures are followed.
  • Reunification Site: Area where students and employees are transported. 
  • Student Release Area: Location designated at a school or reunification site where families may pick up students. This location would be communicated to you at the time of an emergency.