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PowerUp Institute » Connections STEM Summer Camp

Connections STEM Summer Camp

8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Monday - Thursday
June 7th - June 24th 
Ocean Springs Upper Elementary
2320 Government Street
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
Students will participate in STEM programs such as SeaPerch (Underwater robotics), Smart Buddies/Botley (coding), Spherobots Programmable robots, STEAM Art, and Photography. Activities will be divided by grade level.
Grades 2-4
Smart Buddies
Campers will sharpen their coding skills by exploring award-winning coding robots called “Smart Buddies”. Each camper will select their own self-balancing Smart Buddy that rides on his/her Segway. Campers will work on a series of real-world coding challenges using the Smart Buddies app while learning about different STEM careers of their buddies.

Students will learn to code and will complete coding challenges with both Botley 2.0 robots and with Ozobots.
Stop Motion Animation
Stop Motion Animation is a filmmaking technique where objects are moved in small increments and the movement is captured one frame at a time. They will also learn about different types of stop motion: 1. Object moving- Everyday objects are moved to create the film. 2. Claymation- Characters are created from clay or playdough, and they are moved to create the film. 3. Cut-Out Motion- Pieces are cut out of paper to create scenery and characters and are used to tell a story. Students will be put into groups to create a short film using one of the methods discussed.
STEM Stations
Students will learn computer science skills by participating in rotations that will include Sphero Bots(coding), Robotic Arms, Legos, etc.

Can you Build It? (Engineering)
Robot Arm-Students will build a robotic arm that will be able to pick up 3 types of balls from a distance of 12 inches away.
Shake Quake
Students will design and make a frame that is at least 12 inches high, fits on a shake table, and stands straight after 20 shakes.

Grades 5-6
A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that guides students on building an underwater robot with the tools and training to help them through it. SeaPerch aims to reduce traditional barriers to participation in robotics programs and promotes opportunities to engage students in inquiry-based learning with real-world applications.