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Prevent the Summer Slide!

As the school year winds down, many teachers will begin sending home information pertaining to summer reading. As an educator, it is my mission to ensure that we make a commitment to see that all students have the opportunities and resources to engage in meaningful reading and learning over the summer. We are committed to making reading a habit. We all know preventing summer learning loss is important to classroom success in the fall, but it does take some diligence and planning.

 I am challenging students to read as many books as possible this summer, fiction as well as nonfiction (informational), and to keep a log of what they read. Students will also be responsible for completing the question guide for each book they have read. The question guide(s) and reading logs will be turned in to your homeroom teacher during the first week of school. Each school has created some exciting incentives that will be rewarded based on the number of books read. The chart below outlines the number of books that need to be read in order to earn the different incentive levels.



Top Tier

Middle Tier

Lower Tier

Pecan Park

10 + books

5-9 books

1-4 books

Magnolia Park

10 + books

5-9 books

1-4 books

Oak Park

10 + books

5-9 books

1-4 books

Upper Elementary

6 + books

3-5 books

1-2 books

Middle School

5 + books

3-4 books

1-2 books

High School

4 + books

2-3 books

1 book

Please click here for all summer program documentation


 Please join the Ocean Springs School District in providing support and encouragement to make reading an important part of your child’s summer. Providing guidance in selecting reading materials and talking about what is being read are ways you can encourage a life-long love of reading


Yours in service,

Christopher J. Williams, Sr.
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum and Instruction
Ocean Springs School District