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The percentage of graduating students at Ocean Springs High School with a likelihood of college success in the areas of English, mathematics, social sciences and biology is nearly 20 points higher than the average Mississippi graduate according to a recently released report from ACT.
According to the report, students achieving certain benchmark scores on four subject area components on the ACT indicate a 50% chance of obtaining a B or higher or about a 75% chance of obtaining a C or higher in corresponding credit-bearing college courses, thus showing college readiness.
Of all 2017 graduates taking the ACT in Mississippi, only 12% of test takers reached these benchmarks on all four tests. Students linked to Ocean Springs High School did much better than this average, with 31% of last year’s test takers reaching the benchmark in all four areas.
Students fared best on the English ACT Test with 47% of students statewide and 68% of OSHS students meeting the college readiness benchmark. OSHS students performed as follows on other ACT tests: 53% met the benchmark on the ACT Reading test, 45% met the benchmark on the ACT Science test, and 40% met the benchmark on the ACT Math test. Statewide, students checked in at 29% on the ACT Reading test, 20% on the ACT Science test, and 20% on the ACT Math test.

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